Space closures/ Disatema Closure

A diastema is a gap in between your central incisors (front teeth). Options for treatment include An Orthodontic or A Restorative approach, the restorative one being the simplest and the fastest way to complete the procedure, sometimes in barely a single appointment.

  • Orthodontic Approach : This is done by placing Braces on the teeth in the Upper arch and completing a sequence of wires and elastics to close the gaps and align the teeth perfectly to create a balanced occlusion and a harmonious smile. The teeth are then held in place by a lingually bonded retainer to avoid the diastema to open again.
  • Restorative approach : This is done by way of Composite Resins which helps to close the gaps in accordance to the shape and symmetry of the adjacent teeth and the overall appearance of the facial proportions. The final outcome is dependent on the skill of the dentist and we take pride in doing the procedure such that the treated teeth enhance your smile and facial features.