Implant supported Dentures

An Implant supported denture is similar to a regular denture, except that it is supported and attached to dental implants for stability. Where a denture rests on top of the gum line,it held in place with an adhesive and largely dependent on the bony ridge support , implant supported dentures snap into place on top of implants for a firmer hold.

Most people that who wear dentures are unhappy with them them, usually because of comfort, (rubbing on the gum, causing ulcers), fit (dentures are loose, particularly the lower), and function (patients do not have the chewing power of their natural teeth).

Patients with lower dentures are great candidates for implant supported overdentures.

Implant supported removable dentures offer tremendous support and retention, so eating, speaking and smiling is more comfortable. We recommend as less as 2 implants to stop your lower denture floating around, causing sore spots and difficulty when chewing.

How do Dental Implant Supported Dentures work?

Before you can have implant-supported dentures created and installed, you must first have the implants placed. Once the implants are placed, we will install one of two different kinds of implant supported fixed dentures: bar-retained or screw-retained. Bar-Retained Dentures are held in place by clips that snap into a thin metal bar that rests on top of your implants. Screw-Retained Dentures are fitted into metal attachments that sit within another metal attachment within the implant.

Implant supported Dentures