Gummy Smile Corrections

Do you think there is an excessive gum show when you smile?? Or that your teeth look too short while smiling?? Look no further… the solution is right here!

With the latest innovations in technology, we can correct the excessive gum tissue with the use of the laser. Virtually painless and under local anesthesia, you can see the results in under an hour.

Why do some people have Gummy smiles?

The following causes have been established.

  • Developmental or genetic influences.
  • If the upper jaw bone is much larger than the lower jaw bone, the upper lip might appear stretched, causing an excessive display of gum tissues when a person speaks or smiles.
  • When the upper lip muscles are over-active they pull the lip upwards, creating the appearance of a gummy smile.
  • The formation of excess bone over the outer surfaces of the teeth, creating the appearance of a bulge of gum tissue above the teeth.
  • When there is incomplete recession of gum tissue as the adult teeth erupt into the mouth, the teeth will look disproportionately small in relation to other anatomic facial features..
  • Previous orthodontic treatment.
  • Certain medications can cause excessive gum tissue proliferation, a side effect known as gingival hyperplasia.